Frequently Asked Questions


What can I teach about?

Anything and everything. We know, that doesn’t help too much if you’re brainstorming, but that’s why we’re here to help! If you’re still puzzled after looking at our class creation guide, shoot us an email at splash@macaulay.cuny.edu with three hobbies/topics/tv shows/past college classes you loved/things you nerd out about. We’ll email you back with ideas and set up a time to talk if you’d like!

I’m having trouble coming up with a class topic, what do other people teach about?

Really cool things. We’re not lying. Check out some recent class submissions and our class creation guide.

What materials are available?

Besides the different classroom spaces, you are able to use items like whiteboards, projectors, microphones, computers, select sports equipment, paper, markers, speakers, etc. If need be, we have small stipends available for you to purchase items for your class. You’ll need to run it by us first, but most times we can provide what you need. Be creative! And just ask.

Will my class be accepted?

99% of the time, yes! The only time a class will be rejected is if it’s completely inappropriate for high schoolers or is not feasible with the resources we have available. In each case, we’ll get back to you promptly and suggest ways to edit your class so that you can still teach it.

Do I have to attend mandatory meetings?

Nope. Just a 15-20 minute run-through with our Director of Education and Workshops where you demo your class to us. This helps us double check you’re ready to teach high schoolers and that we’ve given you all the information you need.

I just submitted my class. Now what?

Wahoo! Thank you for submitting your class. You’ll soon receive an email from our Director of Education and Workshops about setting up a run-through session where you’ll demo to us how your class will actually go IRL. For now, keep thinking about how your class will flow and what content you’ll want to share.

How do I make my class dynamic?

Check out these guides. Wondering what activities you can use or classroom spaces are available to you? Look here.

Wait, when is Splash?

Splash is happening on March 25th, 2017 and you’re required to show up 20 minutes before your class and stay for the duration of your class. That’s it! But if you want free lunch, we ask that you teach two classes or sign-up to volunteer for an hour in addition to your class. Stay tuned for more information.

Where is Macaulay Splash! happening?

At Macaulay Central on 35 West 67th Street is where the main event is happening, but lunch and a couple specialty classes will be at York Prep. We’ve also got a sweet partnership happening with York Prep where they’re graciously letting us use some of their spaces like their gym, computer labs, and science labs. The cooler part is that it’s a short 3 minute walk around the block to visit them.

Wow. My fellow Macaulay students are teaching some AWESOME classes. Can I attend their classes?

YES. As a fellow teacher, you are more than welcome to drop in on other teacher’s classes with two conditions: 1. you behave and don’t disrupt the course 2. you’re excited and help the class get into great discussions.

Is lunch included?

All our students receive lunch with their registration and you’re welcome to join them for free on 1 condition: teach more than one class OR sign up to teach one class and volunteer.


How much does it cost?

The program costs $15, which includes lunch, a free T-shirt, class materials, and as many classes as you can fit in your schedule! Make sure you pay ahead of time, as on-site registration is $20 and we cannot guarantee preferred placement in classes or all Splash! materials.

How do I sign up for classes?

First, create an account. You will be prompted to select a lunch period and fill in some information about yourself. Second, hang tight until March 1st. Class registration will open March 1st and you’ll be able to see a class catalog shortly before that!

I can’t find the class catalog!

The class catalog will be released shortly before March 1st when class registration opens. Once it’s open, you will be able to select the classes you want to take and your schedule will be generated for you.

Will there be tests?

Nope! No tests, papers, or evaluations of any kind will be administered in your classes. In some classes, you’ll be asked to write, but it’s for your benefit of understanding the content. Splash is all about the limitless of learning and having fun. And ok, we confess, we would love for you to fill out a short survey at the end of the day, too! But still, no grades!

Can I put this on my resume?

Sure, why not! Participating in a program like Splash takes initiative and shows that you are interested in learning new things, are curious, and taking an effort to challenge yourself and your skills. We encourage you to put Splash! on your list of extracurriculars, if it feels right to you (and your advisor).

What if I don’t like a class I sign up for?

Bummer! It’s ok. While we hope you sign up for the classes you’re most interested in, we also hope you sign up for classes you just want to learn more about! And sometimes, you learn a topic is just not right for you. If that’s the case, please quietly excuse yourself from the class. Take the leftover time to hang out in our game room on the first floor or one of our walk-in classes.

Can parents come?

Hey, we love your parents, but this is a parent-free day after 10am until you’re done with your classes. Parents are not allowed to attend classes or stay with students throughout the day. We want this day to be like college: you learn and act independently. Parents are welcome to drop you off and pick you up (although, not required). We can suggest local attractions in the area for parents until the program ends. (Are you a parent? Check out our parent page.)


Macaulay Honors College
  • Lecture Hall
  • Classroom 1
  • Classroom 2
  • Classroom 3
  • Commons
  • Cabaret

York Prep
  • Apple Computer Lab
  • PC Computer Lab
  • Smartboard Classrooms
  • Library with Lego Robotics
  • Gym with volleyball nets

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