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Teaching at Macaulay Splash!

Thank you for your interest in teaching a class at Macaulay Splash! This is an opportunity for you to teach a class on something you are passionate or knowledgeable about to spark interest in a group of high school students. To get started, check out our guide for creating classes and the outline worksheet. When you have an class idea, submit it here. You have until February 20th to submit your class title and description. We have scheduled brainstorming and workshop development dates to help you bring your idea to fruition. Please see dates below.

Please Note: The dates on the fillable class outline may not be accurate. Please only refer to the dates below for reference.

Time Commitment

Being a teacher at Splash requires minimal time commitment:
  • the time it takes to teach your one-session class (50 minutes)
  • 20 minutes before your class to get your name badge, materials, and set up your room
  • 50 minutes to attend a workshop and refine your idea
  • a 20-minute meeting with the Director of Education and Workshops to run through your class
  • the time it takes to create and design your class

Steps to Teaching at Splash

  • Register as a teacher on and think of a class idea.
  • Attend optional teacher development workshops.
  • Submit your class title & description and email your outline to
  • Attend required teacher one-on-one sessions with the Director of Education & Workshops. You will be emailed a link to sign-up after you attend one of these sessions.
  • Teach your class at Macaulay Splash!

Upcoming Dates

January 31st: Deadline to submit class title and description

Note: All teachers are expected to attend these meetings. If there is a conflict, please let Kendra or Haley know. All meetings will be held at the Macaulay Honors College (35 W 67th Street)

February 1: Workshop Development Day #1
Brainstorming and Lesson Planning

February 6: Workshop Development Day #2
Keeping Students Active and Engaged

February 8: Workshop Development Day #2
Integrating Media and Materials

February 26, March 2: Workshop Run-Throughs
Sign-ups will be sent to you following class submission.
Run-through your class before the big day

March 10: Macaulay Splash!
Teach your class(es)!


Figured out what your class will be about? Register to upload your class title, description, and email us your outline. You will be prompted to create an account if you haven't done so already.

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