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EMANUEL ZBEDA, Macaulay Sophomore Fighting the Alt-Right


College/Employer: Macaulay

Year of Graduation: 2020

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Emanuel Zbeda is the former NYC Youth Councilmember for District 5, Participatory Budgeting Delegate, small business owner, activist, and independent journalist. Lately his focus has been on educating people on how to counter misinformation and media literacy. He's been blocked by the President of the United States and has appeared on WNYC, Forbes, and Huffington Post. He's currently working on a book on how to dismantle crappy arguments.

Past Classes

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H45: Trolling: The Art of Detecting and Dismantling Lies in the Age of Trump in Splash 2018 (Mar. 10, 2018)
Who are the alt-right? What strategies do the alt-right employ and what are their counters? In this course, we will find and disseminate alt-right propaganda on Twitter, and learn the logical fallacies they're based on. This course will apply to every level of your day-to-day life and teach you how to persuade people who seem impossible to persuade.